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Trisect Reviews

Following is just a small snapshot of Student's trust in Trisect.

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Taslim Ansari
Taslim Ansari
M.Tech CSE 2017,

Placed in Finoit Technologies

Job Oriented Java 26 Dec, 2017

The faculties of Trisect Institute Noida are great and have a good knowledge about what they teach us. They helped a lot in giving confidence and improving my knowledge. The way of teaching here is different but very effective in my opinion. One of the best way to teach a student who has partial knowledge and lack of confidence.

Abdul Rehman Kidwai
B.Tech CSE 2017, Integral University

Placed in Witty Brains Technologies Pvt Ltd

Job Oriented Java 5 Nov, 2017

Yes, By providing comprehensive java programming experience. Almost each doubt, misconceptions that I had cleared by the modules provided by trisect.

Akshay Bhuradia
B.Tech ECE 2016, BVCOE

Placed in Dynapt Solution

Job Oriented Java 26 Dec, 2017

Best part of training is that its study material and every module hs good testcases,where sometime our code get failed.Teaching department is very good and help whenever we are facing any difficulties.

Arham Jain
B.Tech CSE 2017, BIT,Meerut

Placed in EnBake Consulting Pvt Ltd

Job Oriented Java 26 Dec, 2017

In trisect we are writing codes on our notebook and executing in lab, When we write code in our notebook without any error than our confidence is automatically increased.

Basant Kumar Chaurasia
B.Tech IT 2016, AKG

Placed in Piron Corporation

Job Oriented Java 26 Dec, 2017

lots of practices of code in trisect

Kunal Mittal
B.Tech ME 2017, G.B.Pant

Placed in Piron Corporation

Job Oriented Java 12 Oct, 2017

Yes,Trisect course is well structured.They teach programming from scratch.It helps in gaining confidence step by step as the course proceeds.