Akshat RTU 2014 CSE Gap Year Placement

October 8, 2018

We’d like to share with you a case study of a Trisect graduate, Akshat Vashishtha (the smart guy in specs). Hopefully, through Akshat’s story, you can see parallels in your own learning process. – Trisect Team


Name : Akshat Vashishtha Current Company : Qualtech Edge
College : Laxmi Devi Institute of Engineering and Technology (LIET), AlwarCurrent Job Profile : Java Developer
University : Rajasthan Technical UniversityCourse Joined : Job Oriented Java
Branch and Year: CSE 2014Package : Undisclosed (but we know its good)


Akshat is a typical B.Tech student who did everything right in his career but due to lack of required skills and growing pressure had to join a BPO after his B.Tech. As you all know a BPO jobs pays well upfront, at least better than a tech job but it becomes stagnant after some time and thats the time when you start questioning your decision of joining a BPO.

"Life Changer", It's like a dream come true a guy who had a phobia of coding and now known as Mr. Coder and working as Java Developer in a Software company just because of Trisect."

What went right?

Luckily, Akshat had good friends and got the right guidance of upskilling himself in technical areas. He joined us in Mar 2017, despite already having a gap years. We knew we can do this, as we already have helped 100s of such candidates find jobs in IT.

If I can learn anyone can just need patience and hard work, no matter who you are where from you are you will reach your destination if you are on right track. Akshat Vashishtha

How Trisect helped him?

Trisect did no magic. We just started things from the very basics and slowly picked up face. We made him code for 3-4 hours each day. He solved 100s of programming problems and slowly gained confidence and started facing interviews through Trisect. He had faced almost 30+ interviews but got got rejected.

He finally joined another institute as a Java Trainer and kept his search for a developer job alive. In Jan 2018 he finally managed to bag a job with Qualtech as a Java Developer. And guess what yesterday he gave employee reference for his company to help more students like him to get a job.

Akshat wanted to express his gratitude towards Trisect, hence he wrote a beautiful thank you note for us.

Original Post:

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