Best React / React Js Coaching in Delhi

React / React JS is open source library created by Facebook. Which allows to develop reusable components. Its very popular JavaScript library which has a very strong foundation and a great option to build your career. If you are searching for React Js coaching in Delhi then Trisect will help you out with the best training.

Trisect is the best React / ReactJS training institute. Trisect also help you find job as a React Developer with companies like Daffodil Software, Incaendo Technologies, Mobiloitte Technologies and many more.

REACT / ReactJS Course Training


2 Months


24 Jan, 2022 (Mon-Wed-Fri)

31 Jan, 2022 (Mon-Wed-Fri)

22 Jan, 2022 (Sat-Sun)


Connuaght Place, Delhi


Max  5 Candidates

Best REACT / ReactJS Institute in Delhi

Why we say 'We are the best?'

A major problem in today’s scenario is theoretical nature of trainings happening in various known and unknown institutes. We try and break the status quo and hence keep practical first and maintain a ratio of 70 : 30 to balance between practical and theory to build skill along with knowledge.

If you are wondering what’s the difference between skill and knowledge, there’s a beautiful post written by our team differentiating between knowledge and skill. Do give this a read. [5 min read time].

Don’t take our word on this we strongly advise you speak with us, attend a demo class, look at others and take a informed decision on this. We assure you we won’t disappoint.

Who should go for REACT / ReactJS Training?
This course can be done by both freshers and experienced. For freshers its a great way to get to your first job and for experienced its great to upgrade your career. Most Angular / MEAN Developers go for this course to upgrade their skills which in return helps them to improve their pay package.

React Js Course Advantage

ReactJS Course Fee

This fee is applicable in Noida, Gurgaon and Delhi NCR

At Trisect, we believe in charging economical fee and making education affordable for all. It’s one of our core ethics to provide affordable skill development courses and at same time maintain the highest possible quality while doing so.

ReactJS Course Fee is fixed at Rs 12000/-. This fee is inclusive of all taxes and you can pay your ReactJS Course fee via PayTM / UPI / Cash / Cheque. Online Payment supported via Debit Card / Credit Card / Netbanking.


Rs 12000 + GST


1/12th of your CTC

ReactJS Curriculum

What you will learn in this course

  • Operators, Variables, Primitive Data Types, Loop Basics
  • Conditional Statements
  • Equality and Inequality Operators, Strict Equality and Strict Inequality Operators
  • String, Concatenation, Bracket notation, length, AND, OR, !=, Common Problems
  • Array Traversal, push(), pop(), shift(), unshift(), Common Problems, Array of Strings
  • Classes and Objects, dot operator, Objects and Properties, Objects and Methods, Inheritance between classes
  • let and const keywords
  • Working with Functions in JavaScript
  • Concept of Scopes – Global vs Local Scopes
  • Function expressions and arrow functions
  • Object destructuring, spread operator, this and bind()
  • Arrays and functions (map, filter, reduce)
  • Modules
  • Imports & Exports
  • Introduction
  • Setup development environment
  • Understand Project Structure and modules
  • Working with component structure
  • Web Programming – Introduction, Basic terminologies
  • Data Binding – Property binding, Event, Props Binding
  • Handlers and Arguments
  • Working with State – Updating, Props and State
  • Handling state changes
  • Lifecycle Hooks – Mounting, Updating, Unmounting
  • Conditional Rendering
  • Lists – Add, Delete, Update
  • Pagination
  • Filtering and sorting
  • Routing
  • Loading components
  • Navigation with Links
  • Understanding Navigation paths
  • Parameters – Route, Query and Optional parameters
  • Form elements (text, textbox, checkbox, date, etc )
  • Submissions
  • Refs
  • Elements and inputs
  • Validation of forms
  • http requests (GET, PUT, DELETE, UPDATE)
  • basic services
  • data manipulation
  • error handling
  • Registering users
  • Log in & log out
  • Error handling
  • Levels of authorization(concept of roles)

Use the knowledge gained in this course to complete a ReactJS based Project of industry standards.

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Angular Course Reviews

ajeet gupta
ajeet gupta
March 25, 2021.
I had done job oriented Java from trisect it was good. Here we had done a lot of questions and facility was good.
priyanka shrivastav
priyanka shrivastav
March 16, 2021.
Trisect is the best place to learn.The way of teaching is very effective because they focus on programming skills.
Kavita Tripathi
Kavita Tripathi
March 16, 2021.
I joined trisect Institute in February 2020, as i enrolled in javascrip/ Angular js, here i learned and cleared my concepts of coding and trainers at this Institute are very helping and helped me clear my doubts.
neel saxena
neel saxena
March 8, 2021.
Best training institute for java learning .Teachers are very supportive.

ReactJS Course FAQs

What you will learn in this course

Yes, post course completion you start receiving Trisect referred Placement Drives. Trisect works with 250+ companies, some prominent companies being Globallogic, FIS Global, Daffodil Software, Affle AppStudioz, Finoit Technologies, Pironcorp Technologies etc.

We have a stringent process of selection, testing, training and recruitment to pick the best person for the role of faculty at Trisect. Only experienced people with adequate domain knowledge and corresponding practical exposure are hired for this role. They are also tested on their desire to handle the training phase of each student individually. All faculties go through a rigorous training module under the experts to align them with the institute’s philosophy of providing individual attention to each candidate.

Trisect focus on each and every student by following a unique way of training that includes personalized attention and growth tracking of each student.

Queries are very important in learning of any skill. At Trisect, we encourage queries and keep it one of our highest priority to clear every single doubt of all candidates.
We usually create a WhatsApp Group of a batch where you can directly interact with faculty and other students to collaborate and ask doubts.

Please call or WhatsApp incase of any doubts. We would be happy to help you.

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